Longarm Rental

We have 2 longarm quilting machines that you may rent time on:

  • 24” INNOVA with Lightning Stitch & PantoVision™ – on a 8’ frame
  • 26″ INNOVA with Mach3 Autopilot™ – on a 12′ frame

Click here for our pricing which is in effective 8/13/20:  RENTAL PRICING

Before renting a time – you need to take a longarm certification class:

  • Price – $25
  • This class will teach you the following:
    • Squaring up the quilt top and backing
    • Loading the backing batting, quilt top and thread
    • Thread tension
    • Starting/Stopping Stitches
    • Free motion quilting
    • Advancing the quilt
    • Steps to take if thread breaks or bobbin runs out
    • Removing quilt from the frame
  • This class is required to rent a machine.   Even if you have longarmed before – you need to learn about the Innova machines before you can quilt on your own.

Advanced class:

  • Price – $50- using advanced techniques (PantoVision™)
    • Basic class must be taken first as  you will be expected fully know the basics before learning advanced techniques.  You must be at a point where no help is needed to quilt on the Innova Longarm machines.
  • Advanced class for AutoPilot™ is being created.  This class is an extensive class and will cost $150.

To rent a machine:

  • Reserve a day and time – send at email to MikalasQuilting@gmail.com or
    call 585-502-8052 or CLICK HERE to book appointment online
  • Time reserved will be according to the size of your quilt
  • 24 hour notice must be given to cancel a rental
  • Rental fee is $25/hour – which can be broken down into 1/2 hour increments @ $10
    • Once you are quilting totally on your own with no help from me – your fee is just $20/hour!!!
    • Thread is included in our rental fee!!!